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Dairy Cows

We have some of the sweetest and prettiest dairy cows around!  Most are Jersey or Guernseys or crosses of the two and a couple of Holsteins added to the mix.  They are pasture based and do get some grains when they come in for milking.  Our cows are in good condition and are fed grains to keep in condition--not to push for milk production.  There is a HUGE difference.  


The cows are raised and managed for good quality raw milk.  This means that they need to be kept healthy and happy.  Happy cows give good tasting milk.  They are kept free of disease and infections.  Testing for disease is the best and easiest way to keep problems off the farm.  ALL cows are TB and Bangs free as well as Johnes, BLV, BVL, and Q Fever free--even the beef cows.  There is simply no reason to have sick cows on a farm producing raw milk that humans will drink.  None.  Not one reason at all.  That includes cows carrying the viruses too. 


Cows are milked twice a day and are on DHIA test monthly.  DHIA gives us a record of how much the cow is producing, the amount of protein and butterfat, as well as the SCC.  A high SCC can mean an infection in the udder (which is bad) but it also naturally will increase as the cow gets older.  


All breeding stock is A2/A2 and are bred to A2/A2 as well.  This insures that future generations will also be A2/A2.  



Lounging in the sun.  

Gotta have at least one of these.  :-)  She is super sweet.  

The girls were being shy about their pictures being taken.  The munching was much more important.  

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