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Dairy Cows, Goats, and Sheep

Dairy is an interesting and controversial topic over the last 100 years or so. Throughout the ages, milk and cheese was consumed raw, that is, without being pasteurized. Today, many people are seeking out raw milk for its better flavor and added nutritional properties--which of course, can not be scientifically proven.  We drink raw milk from our goats and cows as well as make fresh and aged cheeses.  All using raw milk.  

Raw milk is not for everyone.  If you are afraid of it or unsure of it, don't drink it! Animals optimally would be on pasture and not given large amounts of grain. Antibiotics, hormones to increase milk production, and vaccinations are usually not found in raw milk dairies.  

Our animals are fed grains at milking time.  A mix of corn, oats, and linseed meal.  No GMO's are fed.  Mineral supplements are provided for them free choice.  We do not vaccinate or use antibiotics unless necessary.  As a result, our animals tend to be very healthy, and the milk tastes wonderful!  

For further information on getting dairy products from the farm, please email for an information package.


Aside from milk and cheese, we also make yogurt and kefir.  Homemade ice cream is out of this world good too!  We incorporate some type of dairy into each meal we have. Snack cheeses, melted cheeses, grated cheeses, all are welcome additions to every meal!

The recipes used are not the modernized ones.  These recipes generally predate WWII and often were not written in stone, leaving the cheese maker room to change the cheese depending on personal preference and seasonal flavors.  While some cheeses have not changed with modernization, many have.  For example, Colby should not taste like a young cheddar!  

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