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Grass Fed Beef

Cows are meant to eat grass, right?  For the most part the correct answer is yes, they are designed to be super lawn mowing machines!  


Our Beef cows are ENTIRELY grass fed--hay in the winter of course.  They only get mommas milk and grass/hay to eat.  Access to minerals is always available to them as they need, not force fed.  We do not vaccinate, implant growth hormones, or use antibiotics unless of course it is necessary to save the cows life.  And I can honestly say, I can not remember ever giving a cow an antibiotic.  So, we must be doing something right!


Currently there are many cows ready and scheduled to go to freezer camp.  We do offer payments on them, that is detailed out below.  Cows can be purchased as whole, half, quarter, and eighth.  Our butcher does a great job of saving the odd bits and getting them packaged neatly.  Our cows are also yielding better than USDA average, which means more meat for you!


For those who want a grain finished animal, talk to us about it.  There are a few people each year who want their cow finished on a bit of grain to add more marbling and fat to the meat.  This CAN be done without throwing off the good benefits of pasture raising cows.  It is ONLY done by request and you must purchase the entire animal or have someone to split the cost of the animal.  Grain finished cows are still on pasture but will get 3# of non-GMO and no soy grains for 30-90 days (customers choice).  


Cows are sold by quarter, half, and whole.  Quarters are $700 each which includes the processing.  Quarters are hanging at around 200#.  


Those who want to do payments, this is how it is done:

I will make an invoice in Pay Pal.  All invoices are set to take payments with no minimum payment amount. BUT once you reserve a cow, you can not back out of it.  Doing that causes a lot of problems in scheduling and finding freezer space at the last minute.  We do understand things come up and are willing to discuss that with you if needed.  


Back to the payment plan.  The size you want will be entered in an invoice, the cost is $700 per quarter--that INCLUDES the processing AND bringing it to the metro or Duluth for pickup (other locations may be possible as well as picking up at the farm or butchers shop).  




a whole cow would invoice for $2800

a half cow would invoice for $1400

a quarter cow would invoice for $700


You can then make payments as you are able until the cow is ready to be picked up.  The cow MUST be paid for in full prior to picking it up.  And neither the butcher no ourselves are able to find freezer space.  


Those who get a whole or half cow can fill out a cut sheet and have it packaged to your specifications.  


Quarters are mixed, that means you will get cuts from the front and back of the animal as well as ground and soup bones.  There is no choice in how the animal is processed for quarters, it will be processed in a way that everyone will get equal amounts of cuts.  


Any questions or to reserve a cow, just send an email.  


There is also a limited supply of ground beef, soup bones, tallow, and possibly some other cuts available from time to time.  Contact us for pricing.



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