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Pastured Pigs!


The pigs are born and raised in the pastures every day of their life.  In summer they have mud and shallow ponds to wallow in and in the winter they have large straw bales they burrow into.  They also have portable shelters for harsher temps too if they choose to go in to them. 


They can forage in the pasture for whatever goodies they find—and they find a lot!  Aside from foraging in the pastures, they are given hay, milk, kefir, whey, cheese that didn’t turn out as expected, weeds from the gardens, pumpkins and squash, mangles, fallen apples, kitchen scraps and a non GMO, no soy feed mix.  They do not receive any antibiotics nor are they given growth hormones or vaccinations.


The sows and gilts are bred naturally--no artificial insemination is used.  During the warm months of the year they are allowed to farrow (have babies) in the pasture.  They build nice nests and are great at caring for the piglets. During the winter/cold/wet part of the year, they have 8 x 8 huts to have their piglets in with a 16 x 16 run outside. They keep warm and healthy this way and are still able to be in the sunshine.  When the piglets are keeping up with mom and eating well, they are moved into a pasture for the remainder of their lives.  Farrowing crates are not ever used and I have not lost any piglets due to not using them.  


Currently there are pigs heading into the butcher monthly.  To reserve one please email.  

Pigs are sold by hanging weight, most are hanging around 200#.  They are $3.50/pound hanging weight which INCLUDES the processing, smoking, and grinding.  Payments are possible on pigs too, contact us for information on that as well.  

Pigs are sold as Whole, Half, and Sample Boxes of 25# or 50#.  Half and whole pigs are $3.50/pound hanging weight and you can choose how they are processed (which cuts you want and how you want it packaged).

Sample boxes include a bit of everything--roasts, bacon, ham, sausages, ground pork, chops, steaks.  They are $275. for a $50 box, and $137.50 for a 25# box.  


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