Old Fashioned Traditions
Old Fashioned Traditions

Sheep for wool, milk, and meat

Yes, you can have it all with sheep!


Our bouncy balls of wool come in many colors and are fun to have around.  Sheep typically don't need much to be happy.  A grassy pasture and some hay to munch on--heaven.  


Our sheep are pretty easy to care for as well.  They need to be kept dry.  Other than that, shearing in the early spring makes summers comfortable for them.  Our milking sheep get a small amount of grain when they are milked, the rest of the flock is on pasture and hay only.  They tend to keep body condition well with good quality pasture and hay.  


There are lambs available for freezer camp too.  Please contact us if you are interested in a whole or half lamb.  Some cuts will also be available. 


The breeds we have are Icelandic (a triple purpose breed), East Freisian (a milking breed), and Romanov (a meat breed).  There are also a few crosses in the flock but slowly they are being replaced.  

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