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Vegetables and CSA


I try to save seed from the vegetables each year to use the following season.  When I have to purchase seed I purchase it from reliable sources like Baker Creek (rareseeds.com) or from Seed Savers Exchange.  There are many other seed companies out there as well as small farmers who are active in protecting heirloom and old seed varieties.  

Organic Certification:

I am not organic certified and I will not be pursuing that either.  Organic certification allows the use of sprays, chemicals, and such and to me that should not be allowed on any food that is going to be eaten.  Granted, those sprays, chemicals and such are much less damaging than conventional ones, but true organic can avoid those in my opinion.  Any spray that "needs" to be used to control bugs can be made on the farm by plants already in the garden and are not mass produced by a chemical company. I do not spray to control weeds either, they can be picked by hand, cultivated under, and mulched out of existence.  And finally, I have never had to use any chemical fertilizer to increase my soils nutritional content.  There is a lot of bedding from the animals that is composted and used to feed the garden as well as milk being sprayed on to help feed the beneficial goodies in the soil. I use crop rotation, companion planting, and a lot of compost to feed my garden.  

Organic certification is also expensive and I do not believe was created for the small farmer.  If you have to shop at a grocery store, then there is a need for organic certification and labeling of GMO's (which we don't yet have), but those companies providing veggies and other foods tend to be MUCH larger than the small market farmers.  And remember to wash those veggies and fruits!  They are not always chemical free!

If you would like to know more about how the garden is grown, companion planting or anything else, feel free to ask. 

CSA info for 2017 coming soon!

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